12 February 2020

How do suppliers perceive participation in the e-auction?

The e-auction is a great solution not only as a quick price negotiation, but also as a supplier market research. Selected companies that participate in the auction can be divided into two categories: CURRENT SUPPLIERS and NEW SUPPLIERS. The main question is: what do Suppliers think about being a part of e-auction?
18 December 2019

Who’s a new procurement professional? Top 4 competencies and skills CPOs want most

A new is coming in the procurement area and all business leaders and CPOs know it pretty well. 87 is the magic number. Why? 87% of CPOs surveyed in The Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2017 agree that the talent is the single greatest factor in driving procurement performance.
17 July 2019

Agile in our work – what does the Client gain? part II.

In the previous part of the article, we described the theory of the Agile methodology when developing the procurement system. The following text refers primarily to the practical usage of Scrum methodology in the development of our platform. What benefits does the customer receive? Does he notice the difference? And above all, how much can he gain from it?
12 July 2019

Agile methodology in the process of delivering the procurement system – how we work?

Agile is a methodology that increasingly appears in the context of project management methods - especially in the IT industry. Why did it arise and where did it come from?
14 January 2019

Summary of 2018 in NextBuy

The year 2018 is behind us! How will we remember it in NextBuy? First of all, as a period of intense work and dynamic development. We would like to share with you what happened in the past year. Ready? Let’s start!