19 July 2018

How to simplify the Q&A session in the RFx process?

Suppliers aren’t responding, the phone is silent and the whole decision making process is much longer than usually? No feedback and response may really disturb the work of procurement teams or even make it impossible. Are you working in an international company and the holiday peak happens in different months? That definitely won’t make the situation better. But it doesn’t have to be wasted time. Buyers and procurement experts may take advantage of this time effectively and get ready for the next intense months. How?
2 August 2018

How to deal with organizational issues in procurement teams and keep a cool head?

70% of CPOs who are working with NextBuy team claim that team effectiveness decreases radically due to administrative and operational issues. One of the main procurement challenges is simplifying buyers’ operational work. The thing is that it’s not an easy task as the processes in procurement teams are really complex, the number of the tasks is high and the buyers need to communicate with many parties in many cases.
30 August 2018

How much you can save automating invoice recording and implementing OCR?

Only a few years ago 80% of companies used paper invoices. The next step in the evolution of invoices was introducing workflow systems for purchase invoices, then scanning and electronic archiving. Nowadays workflow systems for purchase invoices or OCRs are basic tools for each company.