Watch short video references from our Customers

Implementation of NextBuy procurement platform at OEX E-Business

Listen how, in cooperation with NextBuy, was lunched a dedicated platform BlueBuy for purchasing automation. You will learn amoung others:

  • Why OEX E-Business decided to choose NextBuy?
  • How did the implementation process go?
  • What functionalities does OEX E-Business use?
  • What are the advantages of e-catalogues?

Implementation of NextBuy procurement platform at Credit Agricole Bank Polska from two perspectives

Listen how the implementation of the procurement platform process went in one of the largest banks in Poland, from the perspective of the Customer and NextBuy Expert. You will learn, among others:

  • How long did the process of implementing the procurement platform at the Bank last?
  • What stage of implementation was the most important?
  • What challenges did NextBuy have to overcome?
  • What were the benefits of Credit Agricole Bank by implementing the purchasing platform?

Implementation of NextBuy procurement platform at SDA company

Listen why SDA company decided to implement NextBuy procurement platform, how the implementation process went and what its effects are. You will learn, among others:

  • Where did the idea for digitalization come from?
  • Why did SDA company decide on the solution proposed by NextBuy?
  • What is the role of the procurement platform in a production company?
  • What were the challenges for NextBuy and SDA company during implementation?