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30 August 2018
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30 January 2019


The year 2018 is behind us! How will we remember it in NextBuy? First of all, as a period of intense work and dynamic development. We would like to share with you what happened in the past year. Ready? Let’s start!

We’re developing…

A breakthrough investment

Last year, we didn’t even slow down the pace at NextBuy for a moment! At the beginning of the year, we joined forces with OEX E-Business – one of the largest companies in the e-commerce industry – which became a minority investor in our company. The cooperation has contributed to numerous changes that you could have seen in the new logo and a revised version of our website. What’s more, the investment contributed to the huge development of the system, which enriched the platform with many new functionalities.

We share our knowledge!

Last year was also the time of intensive development of our blog, on which new expert articles regularly appeared. In total, we added 23 articles related to the development and improvement of the work of the purchasing department. The most-read articles are:

Moreover, we released our first e-book Procurement Manager Guide in polish. We are still working at english version and it will appear at our website soon. What does the e-book contain? It is a collection of the most interesting and the most read articles on our blog, discussing the use of knowledge in practice, management of the purchasing team and automation of the purchasing process in companies. The compact version of the articles dressed in a new graphic design enables many specialists to quickly view useful content.

NextBuy in the Capgemini Report

Our efforts have been appreciated! In October NextBuy was awarded in the Capgemini Procurement Digital Research Report 2018 as the only Polish purchasing system! We have been qualified as the All Stars tool offering a wide range of functionalities. In addition, we have been placed in a high position in the Source 2 Contract category. You can read the entire report HERE.

What and for whom we implemented?

Last year, we also managed to establish cooperation with Clients from global, large and medium-sized companies. Thanks to the system architecture, NextBuy can meet the needs of each Client, regardless of the industry. Our team makes every effort to meet the expectations of even the most demanding companies.

Completed projects

We have completed the configuration and implementation of NextBuy in 6 new organizations. What is more, we established cooperation with many partners around the world and of course, we actively support current Customers.

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A detailed description of selected implementations is published in CASE STUDY. On the other hand, the video references from our Clients about the implementation process can be viewed by looking at the VIDEO tab.

In what industries do we have an experience?

Implementation of the system for various enterprises has allowed us to get to know the needs of many industries. By tailoring our platform to the requirements of our Clients, we guarantee that NextBuy meets all the requirements regarding safety and compliance with procedures. What’s more, it provides transparency, simple and user-friendly management of the system administration and access to all completed tenders.

Moreover, buyers can quickly and easily communicate with suppliers, manage the internal suppliers database and perform cycrical supplier evaluation, as well as use the repository of contracts and contracts.

An additional advantage of the system is that users have access to it from any device, anywhere and anytime. This allows more control of the entire process. Among the advantages you can also mention the simple conducting of e-auctions, thanks to which price negotiation has never been so fast and effective!

NextBuy Support

Communication and the best fulfilment of our Clients’ expectations is our priority, which is why we provide Support. We have also improved the system of handling requests, thanks to which we solve irregularities much faster and explain clients’ doubts. We have also developed a knowledge base and instructional videos that all platform users can access.

How has NextBuy changed?

The year 2018 was also a period of intense system development. We have expanded the platform with a number of new functionalities that have significantly improved the system’s performance and were better suited to the customer’s needs. What changed?


Configurable workflow process in the bidding module

Structuring the purchasing process by indicating individual stages requiring the approval of the supervisor. This feature reduces the risk of publishing a request incompatible with the intentions of the purchase initiator. Acceptance can be configured according to the client’s expectations.

Cost allocation per line

Thanks to this function, costs can be allocated to individual order items, including allocations to multiple cost centers.

More about this functionality is told by our Client in the reference video, check the VIDEO tab and select the OEX E-Business video.

Advanced evaluation of offers by the procurement team

NextBuy allows individual members of the purchasing team to evaluate the offers at their own discretion, and then calculates the arithmetic mean, providing a comprehensive assessment of each supplier’s offer. Thanks to this function, comparing and selecting the best offer has never been so easy!

Easy and fast communication with the supplier

All sent questions, offers or comparisons can be automatically exported to one aggregate file by one click. You do not have to combine the received offers into one form. Now the system will do it for you!

More about this functionality find in the article: How to simplify the Q&A session in the RFx process?

Confirmation of receipt of the order

Thanks to this function, the supplier, after receiving the order, can confirm or reject the acceptance of the order for execution. In addition, the system will send notifications to the supplier reminding about the upcoming date of the contract.

It is not the end!

What will 2019 bring? Certainly not one will surprise you! Our development plan is filled to the brim with ideas and innovations. And what is more important, we will not forget about regular sharing of expert knowledge on the blog!

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