7 February 2018

How to measure the effectiveness in procurement? Don’t be afraid of KPIs!

Nowadays almost every excellent and well-functioning organization bases its strategy on setting up and measuring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Surely, every company does it in a different way, but the goal is always the same: stay compliant with the company business strategy. And there is no reason to be afraid of KPIs as your work with reasonable KPIs will be just more effective and easier. It’s good to know that there are 5 conditions of good KPIs – SMART.
4 January 2018

The Procurement Anti-Trends for 2018, so the procurement practices to avoid

From the beginning of the new year most of the companies are searching for new trends in procurement. What will change and what will stay the same? Having read a bunch of the articles on the topic, we have decided to pick the trends which have a negative impact both on the processes, methodology as well as costs and supplier management.
16 November 2017

Big Data in procurement. Revolution or evolution?

Since B2B trade has moved to the Internet space, enterprises possess increasingly bigger data volumes. Although it has a different meaning for IT experts and different for procurement organizations. Are we witnesses of revolutionary changes or rather natural procurement role development into a strategic business partner?
9 November 2017

Watch our first animation

Are RFx forms a huge pile of paper in your company? Do you still submit orders on endless Excel forms? Do you get tones of emails with offers or spend ages on searching new suppliers? Watch our short video and see how NextBuy procurement platform can change your everyday work life!
2 November 2017

Automation needed ASAP!

Until recently automation of processes was seen as a sign of the future. Nowadays it’s a global trend which has been becoming a standard in every company. E-procurement tools help Procurement Departments generate an added value for an organization. What’s the key factor to make the process successful?