Łukasz Kozicki

30 January 2019

P2P process automation – a novelty or total obviousness?

Usually, I go straight to the point, but today I will start with a short story, because it made me to write this article. And for those who have not heard about P2P or heard but are willing to organize their knowledge, I decided to describe the entire P2P process and the measurable benefits it brings to the organization.
17 January 2018

What’s wrong with the Kraljic matrix?

The first news on the Kraljic matrix appeared in 1983 and was published by Kraljic himself. It became amazingly popular almost immediately after it was announced and named a procurement breakthrough. Until today the Kraljic matrix is considered as the basic tool for cost categorization in companies. Unfortunately, the tool does not always work. Therefore, what’s wrong with the Kraljic matrix?